Sunday, August 28, 2011


My general philosophy about current events is a combination of ignorance is bliss and if it's important enough I'll hear about it. Now, if you would have asked me ten days ago if I thought by leaving New York to go on vacation I would miss two earthquakes and a hurricane I probably would have laughed in your face. Remaining true to my philosophy, yesterday I called my friend Olivia to wish her a happy 21st birthday and she in turn told me that a hurricane by the name of Irene was headed straight to New York City and that certain areas were being evacuated! I spent a total of four and a half hours on hold with American Airlines to rebook my canceled flight for Sunday and still didn't get through until I called back this morning! Now I don't fly out until Thursday morning, having extended my eleven day vacation into a two week one.

So far the SoCal leg of my vacation has been amazing, days at the beach, barbecues, seeing a friend in Hollywood, and shopping in Melrose and now I have five more days of the same! While I was on hold yesterday with the airline, I was window shopping in Laguna Beach and wandered into a boutique named Muse. Ironically enough their other location is in Edmonds, the town I'm from near Seattle. Anyway,  I stumbled upon a dress that had to have been made for me. It's red, white and blue, short, strapless and the only one left was in my size. Unfortunately, I had to pass because the price wasn't meant for me, $108 isn't exactly budget friendly to my extended vacation paycheck. I did manage to grab the designer's name, Judith March, so I could share this amazing dress (and one other) with all of you!

From left to right: Red Dot Strapless with Navy Embroidered Bow, the one I initially fell in love with and the Blue Polka Dot Three Ruffles Bodice and Orange Piping, my new favorite.

Keeping everyone back East in my thoughts! Stay safe!

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