Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Funny Face

You may have heard that the weather in New York has been sweltering over the past week and only in the last couple of days have we got some relief (read: weather in the eighties). Upon receipt of our last utility bill and no more money to spend at Target, I've been forced to seek air conditioning elsewhere, which lately has been at the movies. Saturday was a scorching 100 degrees in the city so my friend Sarah, who was visiting from Seattle, and I decided it was best to hit the beach for the day and after that catch Funny Face at the Film Forum on Houston. Neither of us had ever seen it, which is surprising since we are both Audrey Hepburn fans. I really had absolutely no idea what is about, my only knowledge of the movie was that one of the dancing scenes was in a Gap commercial a few years ago. But as soon as the opening credits started I knew I would like the movie. Richard Avedon did all the photography and served as a special visual consultant for the movie's many photo shoot scenes. I was left so inspired by the opening credits I have to share them here:

Also, here is the Gap commercial for your viewing pleasure: