Saturday, July 30, 2011

Presh TOTES Obvi!

My friend Allie, whom I've known since the 7th grade, is flying into New York on August 2nd to begin interning with Vanity Fair! She'll be staying with me for a couple months in her tenure and I put myself in charge of teaching her the basics of city life. In my own 9 months of living in New York, taking the train (i.e. the subway) is just part of everyday life and it also seems as though being bumped with someone's bag is as well!

To avoid doing the same thing to others, I am in search of the perfect sized tote bag. I usually carry a big bottle of water, a book, and my lunch with me in a little canvas tote bag but it's floppy and not at all stylish. To keep my bag bump offenses to a minimum finding a simple, almost utilitarian tote bag that is not only sturdy but also taller than it is wide is key.

From left to right: Vanston Jackson in Natural by Kate Spade, $475; Tote Bag without Zipper in Tan by Filson, $105; Highline Kendra Tote in Beige/Black by Cole Haan, $398.

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