Monday, July 25, 2011

The Boyfriend

A large part of a successful fashion blog includes doing what is called an "outfit post." This basically means styling an outfit, usually on one's self, and taking a photo of said outfit to post on their blog, thus showing the individual style of that particular blogger. This particular blogger however has a broken camera, yet some amazing personal style if I do say so myself. In lieu of much belated outfit posts on my behalf I've decided to get a little creative and sketch an outfit post. 

In one of my many bored moments at Macy's today I discovered a little gem, the boyfriend shirt. Yes, we've all heard of the boyfriend shirt and may even own one, but I am very picky about my masculine inspired clothing and it was Calvin Klein Jeans that had the perfect one for me. I bought the shirt and haven't been able to take it off since! They key to wearing a boyfriend shirt is going ultra sexy with the rest of the outfit, pairing it with shorts, leggings, tights and anything of the same. Below you'll find my style interpretation of my new favorite shirt.

From top to bottom: Denim Boyfriend Shirt by Calvin Klein Jeans, $69.50; Nude Leather Triple Keeper Skinny Belt by TOPSHOP, $32; Cotton Lace Tulip Shorts by Stella McCartney, $965.

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