Monday, July 4, 2011

The Inspiration

As most designers will tell you, knowing what is going to be in style in future seasons is very important to the success of a line. In college we had access to WGSN, short for the World Global Style Network, which basically forecasts everything- colors, silhouettes, fabrics, prints, accessories, etc. Since graduating I've still, by some miraculous gift from the gods, been able to access WGSN which is infinitely priceless because I've been able to accurately forecast all of the above things for my Spring/ Summer 2012 capsule collection. The silhouettes have been finalized, as of about 15 minutes ago, and now it's just a matter of finalizing the colors and fabrics. My color palette is based off of Rihanna's Only Girl (In the World) video with what I like to call electric pastels.

I knew I wanted to use these colors early on and the forecasting confirmed they would work out. Now it was just a matter of figuring out which prints and fabrications to use. Luckily for me florals, vintage prints, stripes and all things kitschy are on trend for Spring/ Summer 2012. So immediately I started scouring Etsy for a little inspiration and I found some amazing stuff. We'll see what makes the final cut but I think this is an amazing start! Happy 4th of July!

From top to bottom: Screen Printed Vintage Silk from EmilyMe, $55; Blue Floral Linen from admiredhistory, $23; Purple Floral from LittleCabinVintage, $14.50; Pink and Orange Floral Knit from thriftypyg, $15.

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