Friday, August 24, 2012

What I'm... Reading!

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From top to bottom:
♥ 1. My copy of "Just Kids".
♥ 2. A photo of Patti Smith's photo of the Nathan's hot dog stand.
♥ 3. My Instagram photo of the Nathan's hot dog stand, at an eerily similar perspective.

In my next attempt at establishing an editorial calendar, Fridays will be "What I'm..." post days. Anything from what I'm listening to or eating or even as broad a subject as doing. Today's post is about what I'm reading. Or in this case what I've read. I finished reading "Just Kids" by Patti Smith somewhere around the 4th of July and I felt compelled to share because it is such an amazing read! I won't lie, I didn't know anything about Patti Smith or Robert Mapplethorpe before I started reading this book. Generally speaking I am just a big fan of biographies about women who have contributed something to culture in one way or another so I bought it one day at the Strand. As I started to read it I sort of felt like a kindred spirit I suppose and it seemed that I would be feeling the same as Patti Smith had. Like needing to escape New York City to see Paris or wearing or doing things because it related to an artist I love. And in one outstanding circumstance I was at Coney Island while reading about her and Robert Mapplethorpe going to Coney Island and a few pages later she made a reference to Audrey Hepburn's clothing in Funny Face- a movie, that very night, I was going to see for the first time. And we had even taken almost the same exact picture of the Nathan's hot dog stand but 35 years apart.

Can all this be chalked up to just a lot of coincidences? Of course, but maybe it's all a part of the same journey on the way to becoming what you're meant to do with yourself the rest of your life.

Have you ever read something or watched something that seemed to relate to what you were doing or feeling at the time? Comment on any experiences you've had below!

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