Monday, June 27, 2011

Perfect for my Poodle Skirt

There is something both feminine and masculine about oxfords that I adore. Now, I have no idea what the difference between oxfords and saddle shoes are but I, personally, think they're all the same so please bare with me shoe aficionados, this is just a fashion blog. My obsession with oxfords began a few days after I moved to New York City when my friend Olivia's sister Amanda took me with her to Garden State Plaza in New Jersey and we walked into an Aldo. I had always thought Aldo was kind of a joke but they really do have amazing shoes and their ad campaign is shot by Terry Richardson, who is by far my favorite fashion photographer.

Basically I bought myself a pair of simple black matte oxfords that I wore until the heels and soles were falling off. In April, my Mom came to visit and bought me a brand new pair of shiny black oxfords from Nine West which I have already worn out in the three months I've owned them. The time has come for me to purchase new oxfords and while I feel like I should just go to Soho and get a crappy $25 pair since I know how fast I'll tear through them, I can't help but fall in love with the Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff collaboration. Here are my favorites for you to enjoy as much as I did!

From top to bottom: Lady in Cream/ Black, $109; Alice in Navy, $129; and Odette in Cream/ Red, $109.

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