Thursday, May 3, 2012

Coming Clean

I guess it's time I finally say it somewhere with some sort of officiality: my freelance time with Jordache came to an end last week Tuesday. While losing your job is never the ideal situation I am really grateful I got the experience as an Assistant Designer. I consider it invaluable and I know I will take everything I learned and be amazing in my next position.

In the last week+ I've been without work, I've done the usual things: filing for unemployment, reaching out to friends and industry contacts, etc. But ironically, a week or two before losing my job there were a plethora of Assistant Designer jobs (a few of which I did apply for) and not much since.

With all this time on my hands after the job search part of my day is over, I must confess I've just been catching up on some much needed sleep, watching classic movies and hitting the gym. And while that stuff is all good and fun it's not necessarily the most productive thing I can be doing with my time; which is why I've decided to come back to my blog. Expect posts at least 3 days a week and maybe more once I get a schedule down. My portfolio will be undergoing a major change in aesthetics to reflect the kind of job I want and posting on my blog will be an essential part of this. And my posts won't just be about fashion. It'll be about anything I like and enjoy. Imagine, maybe this is what a real blog is supposed to be like!

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